ANED is the National Association of Italian political deportees from Nazi concentration camps. It is made up of survivors of Nazi extermination, and families of victims of the camps. ANED is a non-profit organization, as recognised by the president of the Republic of Italy in a decree of 5 November 1968. The President and the National Secretariat of ANED are based in Milan (Via Federico Confalonieri 14 – 20124 Milan – Italy. Tel. +39 02 683342, e-mail:, along with branch offices across Italy. Offices are open Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 12.30pm.

National Statute
ANED – Social Audit 2014

ANED relies on the voluntary efforts of survivors and friends, and produces a quarterly journal called “Triangolo Rosso” (Red Triangle), which is sent to members and subscribers. ANED also publishes scholarly research and documentation, and organizes exhibitions about the history of the deportations. Our members are availableĀ  for visits to schools or other interested organisations as guides to the history of the deportations.

As defined by law, the goals of ANED are to:

  • reunite in a spirit of fraternal solidarity Italian deportees and families of the victims
  • offer a concrete expression of the values of the victims
  • develop a national and international understanding of the great significance of those deported in the cause of anti-fascist resistance, and re-affirm the principles of freedom, justice and peace.

ANED also considers it “its duty to educate people about the history of the deportations, above all tochildren and teenagers, to whom the defence of freedom and democracy is entrusted”.

To contact ANED, you can:
Send us an email at:
Write to us at: ANED -via Federico Confalonieri 14 – 20124 Milano, Italy
Phone us on: (0039) 02 683342 (from outside Italy)

ANED National Secretariat:
Banca Prossima, piazza Paolo Ferrari 10 Milano
IBAN: IT53 S033 5901 6001 0000 0141934



Casa della Memoria
Via Federico Confalonieri 14
20124 Milano
Tel. 02 683342
Offices are open fromĀ 9 am to 1 pm mon-fri